Logos Bible Software can be overwhelming to use.

Logos Bible Software is more than an e-reader and Google is a terrible theologian. Our coaches specialize in Logos training to prepare you for leading others and enjoying Scripture.

Logos Bible Software so full of features that you don’t know where to start or where to go? You — and those you are leading — cannot afford to have you lost in the bells and whistles of this remarkable software. Our team can help.


Learn to use Logos Bible Software from our team of expert, experienced coaches

With decades of experience in using Logos Bible Software, the Logos Daily coaching team is ready and excited to get you the help that you need to either begin using the platform or to take your study to the next level.

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“In an hour, I was on the way to honing my use of the Passage Guide and having  a structure to use to tidy up my notes. I had muddled along with Logos Bible Software. It is a wonderful coaching and mentoring service that gives me a way forward to expand my use of the many features of Logos Bible Software.”

Robyn H.

New Zealand

All the tools to get the help you need.

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User Community

  • Fast & helpful forums
  • Live streams & demos
  • Insightful articles

On-Demand Courses

  • Courses for your level
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Lifetime access
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Personalized 1:1 Coaching

  • Expert advice personalized to you
  • Coaching call video recording
  • Suggested library resources


Helpful forums to advance your Logos skills.

Get the assistance you need to make the most of Logos in our unique series of groups, forums, and courses:

  • Expert and user advice to support your needs
  • Join expert-level Logos live streams and demos
  • Never miss free books and special sales from Logos
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 Complete Logos courses for your level

For affordable curriculum that you can navigate at your own pace, consider one of our tiered video tutorials and receive:

  • Pay once for lifetime access
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Courses available at all levels

Book one-on-one personalized coaching.

Get the help you need to use a tool as advanced as Logos Bible Software. Schedule a one-on-one call to receive:

  • Expert advice that is personalized to your needs
  • A video recording of your coaching call
  • Suggested resources to improve your effectiveness

“I heartily recommend using the coaching services provided by Logos Daily! Michel was clearly an expert in this field, and his enthusiasm for the software was contagious. He listened to my specific goals for the session and tailored his coaching effectively. At the same time, it wasn’t overwhelming. I left the session with a handful of concrete, next steps to take to ensure I get more out of Logos than I did previously.”

Peter Gardner

Literacy & Education Specialist in SIL International


Looking for free Logos support?

These resources and online communities are completely free Logos Bible Software training resources.

With so much to learn, why not work together to help one another out? From book reviews to author interviews, we’re always exploring what’s new with Logos Bible Software and Christian resources.

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