Living in the Zone by Rote and Pettigrew

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LIVING LIFE IN THE ZONE is a great tool for ministry, especially alongside someone vocationally embedded in Sports Ministry (which was a part of my Undergraduate Degree!). The daily readings themselves are a little long, and could be tapered down quite a bit, but they were insightful and it’s always good to hear from someone who is involved in the sport to give their own testimonies of a Christian life!

I would recommend this book for junior high to high school students, or leaders of this age range, to do possibly every other day (like I said, they’re a bit daunting to trudge through daily). A leader of a group this age could do this daily, and be better equipped with all sorts of applicable stories. I wouldn’t recommend this book for someone to use in place of a biblically based daily devotional though, but it does add some insight to the Christian sports world.

*This book was free with my promise to post an unbiased review.

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