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I got this book only a couple of days ago, and am really excited to put his “baby steps,” something that I guess is a really common approach for Ramsey, into practice.

He ENCOURAGINGLY addresses money in relation to college, relationships (before and after the “I Do”), mortgages, investments, etc., etc. in only 170 pages. It’s a great “Answer Book,” but even more it’s a just a helpful read through to keep your head in the right mindset financially.

I agree with Dave when he encourages us to note the normalcy of society in relation to their usage of money — and the believers calling to be WEIRD (or “alien”).

This is a great book for people of any age (high school through whatever) and in any situation (dating, newly weds, divorced, filing bankruptcy, etc.).

A GREAT read and I look forward to the praxis.


*This book was free with my promise to post an unbiased review.

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