#Fearless by @MaxLucado

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I didn’t have a chance to dig through Max’s work myself, but my wife journeyed through it in it’s entirety and she discussed with me some issues that jumped out to her.

Max Lucado did it again! If you’ve read his stuff, you’ll love this book. If you haven’t read his stuff, go buy one of his books! FEARLESS will hit home for many. Lucado discusses a list of common fears of the average person. From money, children, insecurities, lack of faith, global calamity, the next steps in life, and so on and so on. We are so prone to be hesitant, as fear grips our minds and hearts.

My wife pulled a quote from page 178 of the book as the overarching theme of Max’s book and the quote reads,
“Courage does not panic; it prays. Courage does not bemoan, it believes. Courage does not languish; it listens. It listens to the voice of God calling through the Scriptures, ‘Fear not!’”


*This book was free with my promise to write an unbiased review.

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