Max Lucado – Max on Life

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max lucado

Max Lucado – Max on Life

Lucado does it again — he is thorough, practical, and candid in his responses to over 170 popular questions and comments. One thing that I like the most about the book is the indexes in the back. There are indexes for both topics and indexes mentioned throughout the book. The topics are far-reaching, everything from hope in the present to hope for the future (and all that is in between). Lucado discusses spiritual life (prayer and scripture), home life (man, wife, and children), and even work life (money, coveting, and relief from the daily grind). And best of all, Lucado does this succinctly. This would be a great book to work through with a friend or mentor to cause reflection of one’s own life.

*This book was free with my promise to post an unbiased review.

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