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A preacher and professor, Leonard Sweet is the full package. He does well to recognize and respond to the high and mighty “leaders” of today. How does I Am a Follower preach to today’s preachers? First it sets up the distasteful picture of how leaders are defined today — plain and simple, they are leaders and not followers. Well that doesn’t make much sense, now does it. Aren’t they supposed to be leaders and not followers?

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The premise of the text is that leaders need to take a back seat to the “big J,” not the “little j”(pg. 143). Put one’s own plans and desires humbly before Christ, for someone living in our society (?), good luck with that. Sweet does well, grounding his thoughts in biblical truths, present day stories, and well-known theologians (Lewis, Luther, etc).

LEADERS, STOP READING THE BIBLE AS IF IT IS WRITTEN TO YOU AS A SHEPHERD — RATHER, READ IT AS A TEXT WRITTEN TO THE PEOPLE OF GOD, YOURSELF INCLUDED. “Ever read the Bible and focus not on leadership skills and lessons but on relational skills and fellowship lessons?” (p.21)

I feel Sweet a great job, but does so in far too many words (the book is almost 300 pages long!). This is a message that needs to be heard by many, not just pastors, and would be a great resource if it were slimmed down and made accessible for all people alike.

Find the text on Amazon or Christian Books.

*This text was provided free given I supply an unbiased review.

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