Named by God by @KaseyVanNorman

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Let me be honest right from the start — I’m no woman, and I am certain that with the beautiful pastel colors on the cover this book might be a bit more welcoming to women. Learn more on your own at


I went ahead and journeyed through the book because it was given to me for a free review (Tyndale), and who would turn down a free book? What this also means is that my review is unbiased because I have no reason to write a response based on whether or not the book was worth the money I forked out for it. Now, with all of that being said…

The title, “Named by God,” is in part really a sub-thought to the message that Kasey wants to proclaim to her audience. This is ironic because what I believe to be the true message is what is found on the cover of her book only by the attentive audience … Her tattoo on her left wrist, which is posed next to her face, reads “Redeemed.” It is this word, REDEEMED, that reoccurs through the personal stories, biblical verses, and adamant preaching from front to back of her book.

She takes readers on their own “highway of redemption” as she tells her story. The journey travels from where you were, or where you might presently be, to the working out of that redemption in the present time, to the future to be embrace (as a result of being REDEEMED). All of this is only at the cost of you being named by God, what began in Genesis 1 comes full circle in the lives of every single one of God’s chosen people.

You are beloved – treasured – free from sin – TRANSFORMED – victorious – divinely gifted – and so much more.

The message is powerful and provocative, and I would say we all need a bit of a kick in the pants (like her closing message of pretending that you were at a rock concert). I would say that if you are feeling down and out and are looking for a practical, encouraging book, than this might be for you. She jam-packs her book with Scripture (just be careful with how it is being used, as I was unable to assess her methods — just a cautionary statement). The Scriptures mentioned would give readers a solid foundation to secure their place alongside their Father.

Blessings readers – you are redeemed.

Learn more or pick up a copy for yourself here.

*This book was free with my promise to post an unbiased review.

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