A Radical Idea by @PlattDavid

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Christianity is more than just a Christian take on the American dream. As believers, we are not to saturate our consumeristic and individualistic lifestyles with Scripture verses while we quietly proclaim Christ as King.

That is the realization that Platt was after in his first book, RADICAL, and now Platt is intentionally pursuing that about our lives that really change us — community. Reading through RADICAL, we get excited about the perspectives that Platt shares, but it’s often difficult to take action on our new understandings once we have lifted our butts off the couch. To that very problem is the reason behind A RADICAL IDEA. It’s about taking that radical idea and moving with it, “Unleashing the people of God for the purpose of God.”

The booklet is sold in a set of 10 because it takes numbers to see movement. Not always numbers together, all doing the same thing while all are watching, but numbers that disperse from the church building into their own world. their own neighborhoods. their own families. their own one on one relationships. It has to operate this way because we will not do it alone, and one person living radically cannot change the world. Nor do we need one power punch group of people, loudly making a presence in a society. Rather, Platt sees it, we need believers (people of God) dispersed yet sharing the same mission (purpose of God).

Platt tags his arguments with Scripture endnotes and keeps his writing simple to understand. The booklet is short, and small enough to put in your purse or back pocket to read while you’re waiting around (or to regularly refer to throughout the day). I really like that about it. It’s all about glorifying God throughout your day and week, not just while you’re sitting in your church pew — and that is what Platt is after. Wouldn’t that be radical?


*This book was free with my promise to post an unbiased review.

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