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I am currently in the midst of moving to a new place, from Chicago back to Ohio (I know, I know, we’re leaving the Bulls for the Cavs? The hotdogs for buckeyes? The Eisenhower and the Ike for route 30? Crazy, but true). That being said, I’ve got my life packed up in tens of boxes stacked up in our dining room … right behind me.
BUT! If Jay Milbrant can take time to answer a few questions I asked him about his new book (GO AND DO:DARING TO CHANGE THE WORLD ONE STORY AT A TIME), than I can take some time to let everyone know that the publication is one worth checking out.
Jay is honest and down to earth, he’s wrestled with ideas much like I have. He’s battled his way through attaining a higher education and is thick in ministry work now. He was exhausted by the prison-like pages of theories concerning the Bible and he wanted out so that he could walk the talk. The book is a testament to those thoughts and how the great commission is worked out in the real world — how we are to see beyond our immediate neighborhood and recognize our calling to ‘go and do’.
I just recently finished a class on Matthew, so the chance to review this book really caught my eye. In our class, we landed on agreeing that the Great Commission is also a summary of the book of Matthew. In other words, Jesus’ finally commissioning is a summation of the Gospel. How so? As Christ loves the Church, so are we to love one another. The Gospel is only the Gospel in so much we allow it to permeate into the world as we know it. That’s the reality that Jay has come face to face with. He has seen the lowest of the low, the poor, the widowed, and the orphaned. He’s spoke with the outcasts of third-world societies and visited the largest of prisons in the world.
Probably the most practical of Jay’s book is that the changing of the world does not start out there, out in the deserts of Africa or the cities of South America or wherever you’re being called — it starts with you. Right where you are. Dare to take a step in line with Christ’s mission and let that journey start right where you are now.
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Take a few minutes and check out the video that Jay sent me in response to a few questions about his book. You can watch it now:


*This book was free with my promise to post an unbiased review.
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