GREATER by Steven Furtick

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Here’s a book that is certainly worth a look if you need a swift kick in the butt to get moving and get out of the mundane.
Back cover reads:
Most of us aren’t in danger of ruining our lives. We’re in danger of WASTING them.
Are you unsatisfied with the kind of Christian life you’ve settled for? If you are tired of cup-de-sac Christianity or self-help pseudo solutions, today is the day God’s greater plan for your life begins in full force.
GREATER than the labels you were given when you were young.
GREATER than the cynicism that stetles in as you get older.
GREATER than the dreams you’ve dreamed for yourself.
GREATER than even the greatest moment you’ve had thus far.

Honestly – I think the book is great(er).

I do resonate with some others who are complaining about the contents of this book. As my wife and I dug into the pages, and recognize the need for the present generation to hear such a message, we were stirred to discuss and share with one another the themes of the book. Like, stop settling for the mundane. Start being the initiative.

Yes, I do think there is a problem with some of the interpretive jumps that he makes (i.e., you have GOT to be cautious when you are looking at a character in Scripture and saying, “THAT is how you should live!” That’s called role modeling. And we have to remember that God uses and works with each and every one of us in unique ways.)

BUT, Steven exemplifies such a knowledge of current times (he regularly cracks on current events and trends, which some reviewers appear to have a problem with but I don’t see where Steven is being out of line). It is NOT a Biblical Theology of any sort. It is NOT a study of Elisha or Elijah. It is Steven’s exhortation to the present generation to stop being “great” or “good enough”, to stop pursuing “greatest,” and to live greater. And if that is the message, than that is one that we can spend some time getting to know — hopefully enough that it takes hold of our mundane, fearful, prideful, lazy, ____[fill in the blank]____ lives.


*This book was free from Multnomah with my promise to post an unbiased review.

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