Transformed by God: New Covenant Life & Ministry by David G. Peterson

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This is what I am all about, recognizing the transformative power of God.

I was so excited about this book that right when it came out I asked IVP for a review copy of it, and they were generous enough to supply Brave Reviews with one! So, foremost, thank you for supporting Brave Reviews and helping to spread the word of solid, biblical research like this book.

Now, what’s this book all about?

If you have not spent much time in Jeremiah 29-31 and its biblical implications, stop reading this and turn there in your Bible right now. It’s beautiful.

Peterson’s text attempts to first introduce his readers to what is happening with message of hope to a dazed and confused generation of God’s people. Smothered with persecution, God promises them not only a future but a restored city, a new covenant, a new life. This promise has come to fruition with Christ Jesus. All those who are in Christ take part in this New Covenant, and that is good news.

But Peterson recognizes that it does not stop there. It does not stop with one’s prayer of confession and acceptance of Jesus. In fact, it begins there. The New Covenant, and ministry enveloped in such a context, involves doing away with the law-abiding Old Covenant and service to false gospels and false gods. “Effective pastoral ministry will continually confront people with the reality of God’s character and his provision for us in the person and work of the Lord Jesus… Under the New Covenant, the motivation for change is the grace of God in the saving work of Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God. The pattern for change is the character, the life and the teaching of Jesus. The empowerment for change is the gift of the Holy Spirit. With trinitarian focus, New Covenant ministry offers something radically new, enabling a transformation of believers collectively ‘from one degree of glory to another.’” (pg 128)

Back Cover reads:

Foundational to the New Testament undestanding of Jesus is Jeremiah’s promise of a “new covenant” — that God will transform our hearts. In this important new study, David Peterson expounds Jeremiah’s oracle and its influence on the New Testament, as well as the relevance of the New Covenant for life today.

Peterson demostrates the practical implications of this new identity, especially for evangelism and the care of believers. As part of this renewed community, Christ-followers are empowered to point others to God’s glory in everything. In Transformed by God, readers will find the biblical basis for New Covenant ministry and the power it provides.

Table of Content:

1. The New Covenant in Jeremiah

2. Israel and the Nations Renewed

3. The Renewal of Worship

4. New Covenant Ministry

5. Hearts and Live Transformed

6. The Transforming Knowledge of God

*This book was free from IVP with my promise to post an unbiased review. Pick up your own copy there or at

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