When Bad Christians Happen to Good People by Dave Burchett

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As I wrote my thoughts on this text, I realized later that I got a bit preachy. Read on if you wish, but I’d just like to note that this book is solid and encouraging. Burchett provides insight for those who have been hurt by others and those who have hurt others. Pastors and counselors, give your attention to this read. Also note that this is a revision to an older book — so you may have already visited this conversation with Burchett!

With humor from popular movies, solid research from Barna Group and others, and a solid Scriptural foundation, Dave Burchett converses with his readers about what it means to live with (and live as) a “bad Christian.” Not only does he discuss living with “bad Christians,” and most important to his thesis, Bruchett speaks to how to live AFTER you have encountered, or trapped yourself as, a bad Christian. All that to say, you have got to let go of your past if you feel you have ruined Christianity for someone. We, as Christians, have to realize that we have messed up in the past.

I think of the closing scene of Donald Miller’s movie BLUE LIKE JAZZ (*spoiler alert — don’t read on if you haven’t seen it!*). After much silence and reflection on Christ and his relationship with Christ, the boy who plays Don speaks up to a friend he has made on his journey in college. Don finally gets to the point where he realizes how faulted his representation of Christ to others has been. He apologizes for the terrible example he has given to his non-Christian friends.

I think Burchett, and all the reflecting he has done on the subject, would resonate with that powerful scene. I think we all, as Christians, need to realize that there are so many listening ears and watching eyes. Furthermore, when we goof up, do not be bull-headed about the situation. Seek a solution, seek the better way of life and humbly apologize as our servant Savior would have you do.

Back Cover Reads:

If you have ever been hurt by Christians, you know all about anger and resentment. But what about a workable solution? How can the words and actions of “bad Christians” be addressed so the mistakes are not repeated?

When Bad Christians Happen to Good People offers workable responses and, ultimately, a new way of living. In this revised and updated edition, you will find healing for hurts inflicted by others. At the same time, you will discover ways to help Christians and church leaders recognize the damage that is done by unexamined assumptions, words, and actions.

After dealing with his own hurt, Dave Burchett now shows believers how to:

– Live as Jesus followers, not rule enforcers

– Stop using religious performance as the standard for accepting otheres

– Let go of moralism, legalism, and an allegiance to trying harder

– Discover God’s grace as a daily reality, not just a word to use in evangelism

Working toward a solution will benefit your own life at the same time it helps others. Whether you have been a bad Christian in the past, or have been hurt by one, there is a better way to live.


** This book was free from WaterBrook with my promise of an unbiased review.

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