Our Daily Bread Devotional Bible, NLT

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Spend time in God’s Word and find deeper meaning in every day.

Since 1956 OUR DAILY BREAD has been the favorite devotional used by millions of people around the world. Now, for the first time, you can enjoy the timeline stories and life applications of OUR DAILY BREAD in a devotional Bible — featuring 365 daily devotions and the easy-to-read and understand NLT text.

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What a blessing it is that I get to share with you a devotional Bible brought to you from the same folks who bring you OUR DAILY BREAD. The solid reputation of OUR DAILY BREAD won’t disappoint you here. As far as the layout of the Bible itself, you will not be distracted from the Biblical text. The NLT is not chopped up with tidbits of study information nor does the devotional notes divert your attention from the Scriptures. Any notes provided by the team at OUR DAILY BREAD are solely set apart from the Biblical text — typically on its own page entirely. The NLT is found just as you would find it in any text of the NLT, with all of the translation notes footnoted at the bottom of the pages.

What is unique about this Bible, and may make it very attractive for anyone seeking a daily devotional, is that there are 365 devotional readings. Each reading is distinguished by a date so that you can pick up and read as you are able. The authors have created the bible so that you can start on January 1st and finished on the last day of the year, every day having devotional material. That said, you are not asked to read the Bible in its entirety in order to complete the devotional journey (but I’d highly recommend it 🙂 haha).

In focusing on the book of Hebrews alone, there are six devotional sections (so you’d be through the book of Hebrews in less than a week if you were reading through the entire plan). The book of Hebrews opens with an introductory page just as every book of the Bible has (AUTHOR, DATE WRITTEN, PURPOSE, THEMES, BOOK OUTLINE). Each of the six devotional entries include the instructed passage to be read for the day (between two and ten verses), thoughts on the passage, and a prayer. The devotionals are relevant and easy to read and apply. What is more, they do not stretch or irresponsibly handle the Scriptures. They aptly focus on the theological forest, not the detailed, exegetical trees so to encourage those who are journeying with them! I love that about this devotional.

This devotional is for anyone who is looking for a consistent means to be in the word. It will stretch you book in your application and in your theological understanding of the Word of God.

** This text was provided free from Tyndale with my promise to post an honest, unbiased review.

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