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Book Bundle Giveaway!

To be honest, Brave Reviews has been pretty busy lately. There has been a slow and steady transition from Christian Living material to what some would call “academic.” I am finding that a lot of people are much more interested in the books and resources that are going to change them down deep rather than fluffy, encouraging thoughts that’ll give them nourishment for a day or two.

If you are into material as that of which I have just stated — I mean research and reviews that prove depth over distance (yes, stolen from a song title that Ben Howard gave to one of his tunes) — than you have got to give some of your attention to our book bundle giveaway.

Chuck, and his wife Tessa, have won a collection of books (Yes, Chuck, you have to share)! Chuck writes for and has been a solid resource for Brave Reviews since we first launched last year. There will be many more book give aways in the future, so I couldn’t give them ALL of my books, but they are getting a pretty sweet collection.

I don’t want to spoil all of the fun for when Chuck opens his box at home, but here’s what he’s won:

– Holy Bible: NLT Translation, hardcover

– “Enough: Finding More by Living With Less” by Will Davis, JR.

– “Multiply” by Francis Chan

– “Praying Circles Around your Children” by Mark Batterson

– “Cold Case Christianity” by J Warner Wallace

– “Global Study Bible” (ESV)

Continue to follow Brave Reviews and do not be afraid to contact us if you have some insight as to what we can do better or if there is a book you’d love to learn about!

Grace & Peace,

– Jason

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