Show Me How to Share Christ in the Workplace by R. Larry Moyer

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Everybody is told to do it. Everybody wants to do it. But from the Great Commissioning to the sixth hour of an eight hour shift, some might say that the Scriptures are just not “practical” enough in showing us how to present the Gospel to our coworkers, to our boss, to the bus or cab driver on the way to work. Personally, I think that Scripture lays out the mandate and the means — worship God with all avenues of your short life — but Moyer’s book gets hands on with us. Moyer’s text doesn’t exposit the commission, rather it exposes the gaps in our confusion. Though a trained theologian, approaching the topic having studied at both Dallas Theological Seminary and Gordon Conwell, Moyer isn’t all “pie in the sky” and theoretical in his instruction to his readers. Moyer weaves personal accounts with stories from great Christian leaders like D. L. Moody, and he shares his own insight, all while grounding his exhortation in solid Scripture.

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Publisher: Kregel Publications, 2012

About the Author: Larry Moyer (ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary; DMin, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary) is founder and CEO of EvanTell Inc., a global evangelism ministry based in Dallas, Texas. He was awarded an honorary Doctor of Sacred Theology degree from Philadelphia University in 2001 and regularly speaks at evangelistic outreaches, training seminars, and in classrooms across the country. Moyer is the author of several books, including FREE AND CLEAR, 21 THINGS GOD NEVER SAID, 31 DAYS WITH THE MASTER FISHERMAN, and WELCOME TO THE FAMILY (by EvanTell).

Each section is summarized with key points so you do not get lost along the way. The book itself is short and the thesis point of each section is both easy to understand and grounded with practicality (for example, I don’t know many authors that summarizes the Church’s message to non-believers in six pages).

The book is short, practical, Scripturally sound, and would be a great resource for a small group of community workplace leaders to travel through together.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Welcome to Your Ministry

Part 1: Pray as You Should

– What does that mean?

– What do we pray for?

– What do open doors look like?

Part 2: Live as you should

– What does that mean?

– What does this look like in the workplace?

Part 3: Speak as you should

– What does that mean?

– How do we speak properly?

Part 4: Know What’s Essential

– What is “sin” and how do we explain it to non-Christians?

– What is our message for non-Christians?

– What does the Bible mean by “believe”?

– What does repentance fit in?

Part 5: Share What You Know

– How do you turn a conversation to spiritual issues?

– What is an effective method for explaining the Gospel?

– How do you follow up?

Part 6: Use Public Speaking Opportunities

– Can anyone learn public speaking in the workplace?

– What’s important in speaking in the workplace?

– How to use your testimony as an evangelistic message.

– Let’s look at a simple testimony.

Part 7: Resources for Workplace Leaders

– How can workplace leaders learn evangelistic speaking?

– Speaking opportunities for workplace leaders.

– Let’s look at a sample message for workplace leaders.

Appendix: “May I ask you a question” booklet


Back cover reads:

Many Christians believe that ministry is practices only by pastors, preachers, and teachers. But did you know that you are in full-time ministry, too? No matter where you work — in an office, out of your home, or on the road — you have unique opportunities every day to share the gospel. Taking advantage of these opportunities may be easier than you think.

Continuing his popular Show Me series, gifted evangelist Dr. R. Larry Moyer has written a practical guide for sharing Christ in the workplace. Step by step, Moyer shoes what it really means to pray, live, and speak as God directs. He outlines how to apply each at work and also shows how to take advantage of public speaking opportunities to share the gospel.

Whether you are turning workplace conversations to spiritual matters, answering questions of unbelieving coworkers, or just performing your job as a representative of our Savior, SHOW ME HOW TO SHARE CHRIST IN THE WORKPLACE will encourage and equip you to present the gospel with clarity and simplicity.

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