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You’re correct —

Brave Reviews has not had a giveaway for a few months, but I’ve been hosting a giveaway at another website of mine that is just getting its feet off the ground. I have had a number of new faces join in the giveaway as they learn about the expansion of Brave Reviews that is taking place at

The winner of the giveaway did not know what he was going to receive – all that he/she knew was that it’d be books. I thought I would tailor the prize package to the winner, in hopes that the books would be more encouraging and that the giveaway winner was not left with books that he thought were super lame. All that said … the prize package [read below to see what is included!] of this giveaway goes to … Matthew Kratz [pictured above with his family]!

Matthew is a pastor of an evangelical congregation in Ontario (finally, some friends in Canada!). He’s married and has two children. He introduced himself by letting me know that every “truth” that he reads is set to the ultimate standard, which is the very Word of God. He doesn’t desire for our opinions to tell us what Scripture says, rather, place the Word center-stage and allow the Wisdom of God to tell us what to think. I think, especially with the array of topics and texts that I’m in at a given time, too seldom do I let Scripture speak for Herself. We always let others speak on behalf of the Word when that is not necessary. So I’ll let Matthew speak for himself,

“I always start with the praise or critique based on an adherence to the text of Scripture. If a book/testimony/argument does not flow from Biblical justification, then it is mere opinion, speculation or experience. If it is one that cites Biblical reference, then it is one that should be carefully considered.”

God is so good and I pray that these texts exhort you, Matthew, in your study of the Word, in your understanding of this world, and in your personal walk with Christ. Matthew will be receiving:

– Larry Richard’s Bible Answer Handbook

– Garry Morgan’s Understanding World Religions in 15 Minutes a Day

– Richard Foster & Garyle Beebe’s Longing for God 

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