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I will be incorporating an array of Bible Software Reviews throughout my book review website. I will be featuring reviews from Accordance Bible Software, BibleWorks, and Logos Bible Software. I will be completing the reviews in that order (alphabetically – Accordance, BibleWorks and then Logos). Brave Reviews will also soon be featuring webpages specific to each software platform, so if you just want to learn about Accordance alone you can simply click on the Accordance or software page.

Accordance 10

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The reviews will highlight tools specific to each software platform in hopes to educate my audience on what is offered. This is not a survey of the Bible software programs that seeks to conclude with which one is “best.” The more that I learn and study with each program, the more I see the strengths and weaknesses of each (and, yes, all three programs have strengths and weaknesses).

To wet your whistle a little and introduce you to Accordance, watch this brief three minute video about Accordance 10.

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