#Forgiveness Is In Your Future (May It Be In Your Present) by @ZHamilton

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The story we find ourselves in, that we’re born into at once, and each and every day when we arise, is a story about forgiveness.

In 2010, I traveled to the “land of a thousand hills” on my own dollar to discover that Rwanda’s meta-narrative, as told through many personal and seemingly insignificant experiences and events, is a parable for the world, and each of us in whatever context we find ourselves. The people I met and stories I absorbed altered my ego from those days forward. In the aftermath, I began to reflect theologically and practically about what I’d seen and heard – witnessed. So, I published a book to share my journey with others.

In this thoughtful and challenging book, I mix a typewritten tonic that might be hard to swallow, but is sure to produce a lasting effect. I weave powerful stories about actual people conducting their own truth and reconciliation experiments with an imaginative slant on many sacred texts to help readers understand a major point; to enter the future, and experience the world as it should be, each of us must pass through forgiveness.

You’ll be inspired by true stories of grace and peace and you’ll be encouraged to conclude what we once thought was only possible in a place called heaven can actually be manifest here and now.

My friend Claude Gatebuke is a Rwandan genocide survivor who I’m indebted to. He wrote the foreword to my book. About the project he wrote, “This book is about more than Rwanda. It’s about freeing oneself from hurts of the past that cannot be taken back. It is about looking beyond the satisfaction of seeing another person, unsavory as that person may be, living a miserable life because of their past deeds. The book is about demonstrating how we can all be forgiven not only by God, but also by other human beings for our trespasses. More importantly, it’s about how much freedom we can experience within ourselves, with other human beings, and with God. Regardless of one’s religious beliefs, this book serves as a reminder that forgiving is freedom on earth.”

I want to offer a big thanks to Jason here at Brave Reviews for this opportunity to introduce my book to those of you who frequent his website. Consider downloading Future Is Forgiveness: The Supernatural Remedy to Self & Social Destruction. Write a review, especially if it’s positive. Share the book with your friends. Don’t forget to visit the book landing page at futureisforgiveness.com.

Zachary Hamilton is simply a happily married husband, a grateful father, son, brother and friend, as well as a concerned neighbor and engaged citizen.


Follow Zach’s tweets @zhamilton.

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