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CheerGive: Let’s Make Giving Simple.

Brave Reviews gets contacted regularly by all sorts of people, not just book publishers or independent authors. I am meeting people from all over the world, from the United States, Canada, Australia and even South Africa! We have recently begun commenting on Bible Software because of the ground that it is gaining in Biblical Studies, but we also fully resonate with the organization to which this post is dedicated.

If you are only reading about Scripture, and not living Scripture, than, put simply, you have only just begun your walk with the LORD. When you dig into the life of Christ and discover Christ’s consistant devotion to self-sacrifice than you can’t help but pay forward the grace of God. You will just want to give any way that you are able – and for many people, that involves either time or money. It is to the latter that CheerGive is paving the way.

CheerGive is an easy-to-use online giving and donation platform. With no setup or monthly fees, CheerGive offers donors the ability to give online and is supported by detailed reporting and donor management tools. CheerGive provides your donors a variety of giving options, including: one-time, recurring, goal based or time based.

Additionally, no technical knowledge is required, in fact you don’t even need a website, as CheerGive offers your organization its own webpage hosted on the CheerGive network. The look and feel of your page is customizable to showcase your organization’s colors and logo. The goal of CheerGive is pretty simple; provide donors with an easy way to give and organizations with an easy way to receive and manage those donations.

CheerGive: Let’s Make Giving Simple.

Visit CheerGive online or get immediate, popular questions answered by visiting their FAQ page.

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