The Kingdom Manifesto: An exploration of the Sermon on the Mount for today by Steve Wilmshurst

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The Kingdom Manifesto: An exploration of the Sermon on the Mount for today.

By Steve Wilmshurst. UK, EP Books, 2012. 239 Pages. ISBN: 0852348266. £8.49

“Steve Wilmshurst has the happy knack of combining thoroughly orthodox and Christ-centred theology with a perceptive grasp of the contemporary scene. This combination, coupled with his incisive applications from the biblical text, makes the Kingdom Manifesto a great read. Both those who are disciples of that kingdom and those who preach its glad tidings will derive great spiritual benefit from this accessible analysis of the Sermon on the Mount.”
Roger Fay, Senior Editor, Evangelical Times.

“It might seem that another book on the Sermon on the Mount was not needed, but Steve Wilmshurst has produced something that deals well with the text and is fresh and relevant. Here is a book that will be of value to preachers and individual Christians who are studying this passage, and also will help and challenge an enquiring unbeliever. The author excels in making applications which speak to today’s world in a totally accessible style. A book to be recommended.” 

Robert Hitchings

Official Description:

“Matthew’s gospel is about the King and his kingdom, and the Sermon on the Mount is his Manifesto. The high ideals and behaviour he presents are possible through his Spirit working in his subjects.”


In this book, the author discusses the Sermon on the Mount, particularly the Beatitudes, and gives helpful, practical advice to believers in our day and age. By combining timeless truth with a modern voice, Wilmshurst is able to send a clear and powerful message that calls us as followers of Christ back to the foundations of our faith. Through the working of the Holy Spirit in the lives of God’s people, God transforms lives and draws us to himself. Wilmshurst believes that after such an encounter with God and in light of the Gospel of Matthew’s proclamation of the Sermon on the Mount, a life in God’s hands will be fundamentally different from the rest of the world. In particular, the author asserts that once our lives are entrusted to the King, we will devote ourselves to furthering His Kingdom by fleshing out Christ’s manifesto contained in the Beatitudes.


Throughout the book, the author skillfully articulates what it means to be a follower of Christ. He is firm, but not self-righteous, as he calls believers into a life of holiness and Christlikeness. The hours that I spent in reading the book flew by due to Wilmshurst’s ability to bring ancient truth to life once again. The book was challenging, in that it painted a clear picture of the life Christ calls us to, a life wherein we radically abandon our comfort in order to make an impact for His Kingdom. In a time where our Christian culture (myself included!) has grown lethargic to Kingdom living, The Kingdom Manifesto serves as a reminder that Christ calls us forward into a different life, one where the first is last and the last is first. It is a message that calls us to forsake comfort and embrace a lifestyle where Jesus is our King. This book is the perfect reminder of Christ’s vision for our lives, and would be an excellent read for personal reflection or group discussion.

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This post was contributed by a dear friend of mine, Parker Giles.  

**This book was provided free from EP Books with my promise to post an unbiased review. This review was written by P. Giles.

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