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Official Description

Who wouldn’t want to learn from a charming and gentle teacher? This indispensable book for teens also resonates with parents, grandparents, and any adult who influences young people. While this book is based on grieving, like Tear Soup, especially the loss of a beloved pet, it is much more about living and growing. Kids spend a lot of time wondering about how to be a good friend, how to communicate effectively, what their purpose is, and what it means to be successful in life. Truth is, even a lot of adults wonder about these things. What if you could learn all this from man’s best friend? Well, you can. If you want to become a better person, why not travel WATSON’S WAY.

An award-winning inspirational book in the tradition of Marley & Me, Joel Lund shares lessons his family earned from their beloved dog, Watson, on issues that matter to teens, like How to get along with others, What patience looks like in practical terms, How to stand up for what you believe in, When to try new things…even if you’re nervous, Why laughter is good for building better relationships, Why being shy is OK, Why bathing is an important spiritual exercise, How to show care for others, and more. This heart-warming book is stuffed with great pictures of the handsome, tuxedo-colored black & white Watson, along with great quotations, and humor. Each chapter includes questions to consider and a place to journal. If you liked Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff for Teens, you’ll love Watson’s Way. It will become a welcome guide for traveling through life with style, grace and fun.

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About the Author

Joel Lund has always loved dogs, even though a neighbor dog bit him when he was five years old. Joel is also part of a dog family, with his wife and daughter. He’s an award-winning author of The Ultimate Survival Guide for Youth Ministers and writes a young adult fantasy series, as J. L. Lund. Joel has been a speaker, trainer, or teacher to more than 100,000 people. Most recently, he had a very successful career in the financial services industry as a leader with a national financial planning firm. Now, he is a full-time writer, blogger, speaker, business coach, and consultant.

My Thoughts (Summary/Evaluation)

You’re right – this is a title a little easier to read than Reading the Christian Classics, but if I have said it once than I have said it a million times; YOU HAVE GOT TO GIVE EVERY BOOK A CHANCE. You have got to let yourself pick up some stuff and read it just because you can and because its fun! Do not ever think that you have graduated from a specific genre or style of writing. Pick up novels, dictionaries, and easy-to-read books that are down-to-earth, like Watson’s Way.

Like I said, Joel Lund kept Watson’s Way easy to read. It is a book that is aimed at families, especially those families who have children (and dogs!). This book makes healthy life habits teachable. Habits are important because they turn into actions! If you’d ask me, Watson’s Way focuses on teaching you about the mundane parts of life and it does so by using someone that you wouldn’t expect – you’re own dog (well, Joel’s dog).

The book is brief, 112 brief pages. Each “chapter” or section provides a short observation that Joel makes of just doing life alongside his pooch. The observation is linked to a biblical truth that is highlighted by an entire page devoted to a specific passage. That passage is usually expounded upon by more first-person story telling before providing you and your family (dog included) a few questions for application.

I wouldn’t say that this is a book to shape your entire meaning of life and soul purpose of existing from but it is a fun way to provide yourself and your family with meaningful points of reflecting on life and how it is that you carry yourself day to day, moment to moment. Joel has written another book that seriously looks at the life and ministry of a youth pastor, The Ultimate Survival Guide for Youth Ministersand I strongly encourage you to check out both books if you are knee deep in youth ministry or are looking for strong, teachable talking points for your family (dog included!).

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