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At the beginning of the month, Eerdmans made mention of their new initiative with Kindle and their Matchbook program. The program allows Amazon customers the opportunity to purchase Kindle versions of physical books that they already own at an incredibly discounted price (typically 50 – 70% off).

See the press release from Eerdmans here:

Eerdmans is pleased to announce that all of our qualifying ebooks (1,104 titles in total) are now available through Amazon Kindle’s new MatchBook program.

This innovative program allows readers who have previously purchased the print edition of a given book to buy the Kindle ebook edition at a greatly reduced price — $2.99, $1.99, $0.99, or even free (depending on the title).

Visit the MatchBook homepage to start searching for ebook titles already in your print library, or browse the extensive assortment of Eerdmans books currently available through MatchBook here.

My first question was, and probably the same question that every else is asking, how does Amazon know if you own a copy of the physical copy? Amazon knows by your purchase history – if you have purchased the title from Amazon in the past than you will have the opportunity to buy the ebook at a remarkably low price. It is a really good system for those of us who are slowly going digital and have purchased a lot of books through Amazon!

What are your thoughts on this new program?

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