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Jesus was a storyteller. Have you heard that before? Hopefully you have and hopefully it is something that you have realized while reading scripture. Christ shared parable after parable to help the masses, his disciples and even his opposition to “catch his drift”.

I wonder why fiction is such a rare form of apologetics? I would even go to the extent of saying that many academic communities actually turn their noses down towards the idea of a novel being used in an academic sense.

Being a student of Theology and English I have read theological novels/poems and nonfiction memoirs in English classes, but never have I read fiction or quality literature in a Theology class. Now my experience is most likely not every person’s experience, but I am staunchly of the belief that Christians are missing a profound ministry tool that is available through the use of novels and other forms of fiction.

These fiction ministry and apologetic tools can be in the form of epics, mysteries, poems, historical fiction, short stories etc. The list goes on and on and can only really be capped off by the extent of one’s imagination. I tend to think about the great works of literature that came out during the Harlem Renaissance, which played a huge influential role in the Civil Rights movement that followed. Some were poems and some were novels, all were created in the same vein of bringing truth and life to culture. That is the mindset that Christian’s should be carrying as they write. Professors, teachers and ministers should be excited about the premise of sharing truth and life with the world through quality fiction.

Christ practiced this as he preached in parables. He told stories that pierced the hearts of those who heard and still pierces the hearts of those who read these parables today. My belief is that the publishing industry, especially the Christian publishing industry needs to be revamped in this sense and is why I am now working for BlueNose Press, a new publishing house that wants all of the works it publishes to carry truth and life into culture. Truth and life that is accessible, accurate and captivating.

In this sense, BlueNose Press is promoting a new novel called: The Resurrection: A Criminal Investigation… The novel is a historical fiction and suspense/mystery piece that takes a look at the events surrounding Christ’s resurrection. It is written from the Roman perspective as a tribunal is sent to Judea to interrogate all those who were involved with Christ’s crucifixion and ministry. It is a captivating read that brings together heart-wrenching drama with well-researched historical and doctrinal accuracy. The author chose to write it on the basis that without the resurrection of Christ our faith is in null.

The Resurrection: A Criminal Investigation… is available for download and print purchase. For more information and reviews go to or If you are interested in joining BlueNose Press’ mission whether as an author, reviewer or partner please contact us at

Matt Curcio is an author, blogger, speaker, disability advocate and the Publications Director at BlueNose Press. Follow his tweets at @mattcurch & @BlueNosePress

For a chance to win one of two copies of this text, comment below answering the following question: Should fiction, narrative material be used to teach us about Jesus? What are pros or cons to this technique?

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