Featured: Finding God in a Storm [#Kindle Edition]

by | Jan 23, 2014 | Blog | 0 comments

Finding God in a Storm is a devotional illustrated book written for Readers who are experiencing loss, worry and anxiety, bereavement, job loss, illness, depression, emotional pain and heartache or approaching a crossroads in their lives.

The book is a collection of biblical scriptures and images supported by words of encouragement and inspiration. It is meant to be read as a reflective personal study that encourages the reader to look beyond their circumstances and seek the heart and wisdom of God using scripture and images. The book does not claim to hold any answers as to why we go through our various trials and tribulations. Instead the Author takes the reader through a spiritual journey of contemplation through thought provoking encouraging Scripture and contemporary modern beautiful contemporary images. If your encountering a difficult period in your life and enjoy reflective prayer and art this is definitely one of those must read books.

The book is currently available on Amazon kindle. Learn more or purchase here.

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