BLOG: Philip Seymour Hoffman found dead

by | Feb 2, 2014 | Blog | 0 comments

This is not the norm for me. This is actually far from a book review and nowhere near the business of any publishing house. But I write on this because seeing the news has shaken me in ways that headlines in the past, headlines of famous celebrities, has not shaken me before.

As sincere and loving as I can be, I am not writing on Hoffman because he was my favorite actor. Though he was nowhere near my least favorite either. His roles were always well done – the serious, yet witty, demeanor in which he carried himself always left onlookers wondering what was going on inside of him. Inside where clicking cameras reels and perfectly tuned microphones couldn’t get capture. It made me wonder what was going on in his heart and his mind.

Whether this is appropriate or not, I write this post not in reference to Hoffman at all. I’m wired to see people reach their potential. I’m wired to look at somebody and assess where they are at and get them to where they could or should be in life. I hate to see people trapped in dead in jobs or smothered in painstaking guilt. And it pains me to see so many people equipped with skill sets that far outweigh those of others (whether celebrities or not) and not reach their full potential. Their is no earthly relationship, vocation nor amount of fortune and fame that will ever satisfy our soul and it is the satisfaction of such in which we all seek.

Our full potential is in Christ and apart from Christ we are and will always search tirelessly for meaning and for sufficiency. I pray that many, many people will look on this terrible tragedy and be reminded of the peace that comes from resting in our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ. My prayers go out to friends and family of Hoffman and I pray their hearts softened and their ears attentive to the message of the Gospel.

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