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4405_ThePsalms_Bookcover_Final8-12.inddThis collection of essays on the Psalms by distinguished Old Testament
scholars is a snapshot of the most current scholarly work on the Psalter. The
book is divided into five sections that:

1) give an overview of Psalms studies in the 21st century;

2) discuss psalms of praise;

3) explore psalms of lament;

4) look at the big picture of the Psalter as a book; and

5) present sermons on the Psalms that are models of evangelical engagement with the text.

A Select Bibliography for Psalms Study is included at the end of the book.

Language for All Seasons of the Soul brings together essays from eighteen Old Testament scholars discussing the latest in Psalms scholarship and applying exegetical insights to the life of faith.These essays explore the full range of emotion expressed in thePsalms—from elation to distress—while weaving together observations from biblical scholarship and theology. The reader will gain valuable insights into how the Psalms speak to his or her soul.

Andrew J Schmutzer (Editor), David M. Howard Jr (Editor), Robert L. Cole (Contributor), David A Ridder (Contributor), Willem A VanGemeren (Contributor), Bruce K. Waltke (Contributor), C. Hassell Bullock (Contributor), Francis Kimmitt (Contributor), Robert B Chisholm Jr. (Contributor), Michael Ernest Travers (Contributor), Walter C Kaiser Jr. (Contributor), Allen P. Ross (Contributor), Daniel J. Estes (Contributor), Randall X. Gauthier (Contributor),Michael K. Snearly (Contributor), Tremper Longman III (Contributor), Mark D. Futato (Contributor), John Piper (Contributor)
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