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Product Overview (Logos Bible Software edition)

The New International Dictionary of Old Testament Theology and Exegesis contains more than 3,000 separate articles, written by more than 200 scholars from twenty-four countries and more than one hundred academic institutions! This massive 5-volume Old Testament reference work contains articles on the theology of each individual Old Testament book, as well as discussions of biblical concepts, people, places, events, and literary pieces. Volume five contains a series of indexes: a Hebrew index, subject index, and an index of semantic fields. Taken as a whole, the New International Dictionary of Old Testament Theology and Exegesis is an unparalleled accomplishment in the field of biblical hermeneutics.

The New International Dictionary of Old Testament Theology and Exegesis is intended for serious Old Testament and exegetical study by men and women of all walks of life—both academics and pastors, students and laypersons. Volume one contains a guide to Old Testament theology and exegesis in which ten essays have been compiled to thoroughly explain proper hermeneutics and interpretation, as well as guidelines for using this source material. Volumes one through four contain a lexicon of the Old Testament. All words found in the text are ordered by Hebrew alphabetization for easy reference, and coupled with a Goodrich/Kohlenberger cross-referencing number to be used in conjunction with Strong’s numbering system. The relationship of each word in different contexts and languages is also explained, including alternative words, and the particulars of their semantic domain. All this information is, of course, complete with bibliography.

With this collection and the powerful tools of your digital library, you can perform searches faster than ever, accomplish complex research projects without flipping pages, and discover the significance and meaning of Old Testament theological concepts like never before! What’s more, references to Old Testament passages are linked to your Hebrew texts and English translations, giving you instant access to the texts discussed in each entry of the New International Dictionary of Old Testament Theology and Exegesis. The Logos edition of the New International Dictionary of Old Testament Theology and Exegesis provides a unique and accessible source of information, invaluable to ministers, teachers, and anyone interested in both the study and teaching of the Bible.

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Key Features

  • Guide to Old Testament theology and exegesis
  • Lexical dictionary
  • Topical dictionary
  • Hebrew index
  • Index of semantic fields

Highlights & My Thoughts

I was first introduced to the New International Dictionary of the Old Testament & Exegesis (NIDOTTE) while studying at Wheaton College Graduate School. I was studying Biblical Exegesis (M.A.) and we would refer to this resource when seeking out particular nuances of ancient terms. On account of the variety of authors, the insights that NIDOTTE offers is beyond that of other dictionaries. I would argue that the greatest of aspects to highlight from this collection is not the array of scholars who contribute but the articles found at the beginning of the dictionary set. I would contest that you could be exposed to the majority of what I learned at Wheaton just by spending time reading through these articles (and you’ll still learn the models of interpretation DIRECTLY from the experts in the field, just like I did). I tell anyone interested in this series that the articles themselves are worth the price point. AND WITH THE LOGOS VERSION, I can search the entire list of articles and dictionary entries in just seconds!

john walton logos bible softwareFor example, I remembered that Dr. John Walton wrote one of the articles on word studies but I could not remember what it was called. By specifying a particular resource to search through, I can find all the entires that Dr. Walton had a hand in creating. I can do the same for topics, Scriptures, or anything else for that matter.

While the resource is available both printed and digitally, I would encourage anyone looking to use it heavily to consider the digital version. 5,412 pages with more than 3,000 separate articles saved on your computer and fully searchable — that is the power of having the digital addition. In the image at the top of this article, I included a few other resources that I always consider when looking to understand an ancient concept (i.e., HALOT, Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary). The New International Dictionary is unique in that it unpacks words according to the articles that they provide their readers. You can read from the experts about how to use Biblical Theology to understand Old Testament concepts and then you can walk through the Hebrew word itself in its own article that contains word studies, insights from the ANE and so much more.

I’d encourage you to either add it to your Logos Bible Software wishlist or make the purchase today in order to gain more insight into the ancient world of the Hebrew language.


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