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Spurgeon Sermon Collection

Spurgeon Sermon Product Description

This is the most complete collection of Charles Spurgeon’s Sermons available in print or electronically! In this collection there are over 3,550 sermons from one of the most gifted speakers and blessed Christian leaders of our era.

This collection is an invaluable tool in both sermon preparation and understanding. Additionally, The Complete Spurgeon Sermon Collection can also serve as a full Bible commentary as there are sermons and expositions from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21.

We are excited to bring you over 62 and 1/3 consecutive years of pulpit gems. Over 3,241 consecutive weeks of sermons, a feat that will probably never be surpassed. Enjoy the writings and wisdom of the English preacher that perhaps influenced more Christians on either coast of the Atlantic Ocean than any man of our era.

This product is a complete electronic edition of the Pilgrim Publications print edition—chronologically compiled from volume 1 to 63.

I have turned to Charles Spurgeon in these days for help, and I have not been disappointed. . . . I think the word “indefatigable” was created for people like Charles Spurgeon. – John Piper

What’s more, the Logos edition makes the Complete Spurgeon Sermon Collection more widely available and easier to access than ever! From the countless Scripture references linked straight to the biblical text, to the powerful search tools in your digital library, the Logos edition lets you encounter Spurgeon like never before. Logos also makes navigating lengthy, multi-volume works easier than ever—topics and Scripture references can be searched instantly with the click of a mouse. The Complete Spurgeon Sermon Collection is a must-have for pastors and teachers, and anyone interested studying the church’s most important preacher and most prolific writer.


Key Features

  • 3,561 sermons by Charles Spurgeon
  • Includes all the sermons from the New Park Street Pulpit and the Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit
  • Sermons and expositions from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21

My Thoughts

If each and every time you visited Scripture, whether preparing a sermon or studying on your own accord, you did so with the mindset that you were the first person to explore a passage, than you are already setting yourself up for failure. The fact of the matter is that hundreds of thousands of men and women have wrestled through the interpretation and application of each and every verse (even every word) in Scripture. Until now, to explore what respected pastor-theologians have written or said about particular passages or topics you would have to sift through pages of books or listen to hours of audio sermons. Logos Bible Software is trying to change that for busy, on-the-go pastors.

Spurgeon Logos Bible ScreenshotLogos
has already given us the ability to scan thousands of highly-respected books in mere seconds, but now we can look at what highly-respected pastors have preached on the matter. Included right inside search panes that you are familiar with, like the Passage Guide, when you look for a passage or topic then your search will also populate any sermons you have stored within your library — sermons from Tim Keller, John Piper, Charles Spurgeon, and more. Check out the image to the right for an example of my search for sermons including Matthew 13:1-9. Spurgeon has (atleast) three sermons I can gain insights from!

The fact that they have weaved this right into the platform that we are already familiar with just blows my mind. What is more, the price to access decades of insight is not too steep (Sprugeon’s collection is sitting at $250 right now [interest-free payment plan optional], and that includes over 3,500 sermons and over 50 years of preaching).

Also available:

Tim Keller

John MacArthur

Observe that the Israelite had to put his hand upon a victim which was not slain as yet, but was killed afterwards. This was to remind him that the Messiah was not yet come; but you, beloved, have to trust in a Christ who has come, who has lived, who has died, who has finished the work of salvation, who has gone up into the glory, and who ever liveth to make intercession for transgressors. Will you trust him or will you not?

D. A. Carson

Skip Heitzig

Jimmy Evans

John Piper

Greg Laurie

Charles Spurgeon 

All this to say, Logos has addd an incredible feature to their already great platform. If you are not familiar with the Logos Bible Software system as a whole, I would encourage you to get over there and take a look. If you are familiar, this may be completely worth your investment. Check it out!

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