Titus for You by Tim Chester

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Titus For You by Tim Chester

Join Tim Chester for the latest in the groundbreaking, bestselling God’s Word For You book. Titus For You will help you get to grips with this short, powerful letter, showing how it transforms our hearts and lives today.

Tim Chester’s renowned gifts for making the complex clear, the truth applied and the gospel shine brightly mean this book will take you to the pages of the Bible to engage your mind and stir your heart.

Written for people of every age and stage, from new believers to pastors and teachers, this flexible resource is for you to:

“We are to be counter-cultural when the gospel confronts our culture.” – p. 68 of Titus for You

  • READ: As a guide to this wonderful letter, exciting and equipping you to live out the truth in your life.
  • FEED: As a daily devotional to help you grow in Christ as you read and meditate on this portion of God’s word.
  • LEAD: As notes to aid you in explaining, illustrating and applying Titus as you preach or lead a Bible study.

Whoever you are, and however you use it, this is… Titus For You

My Thoughts

The short “commentary” that Tim Chester devotes to the book of Titus is excellent. Chester writes in a way that is insightful, pastoral and incredibly down to earth. In fact, I would not call this a “commentary” by the norm that scholars/pastors understand that word, but a commentary in the same sense that you may find if you were sitting down and talking through the text with a friend — a very intelligent, well-researched friend who recognizes the importance of keeping the Bible and Christ front and center.

In a way that guides rather than instructs, Chester will take you step by step through the book of Titus. The main emphasis of every page is to let the living Word bring life to our day to day.

“Legalism dilutes godliness from whole-life commitment to part-time project.” (p. 48 of Titus for You)

Chester does not necessarily walk either word by word or passage by passage through the original text. In a way much like a guide who points out something wonderful to his group, Chester will “camp out” on a specific points throughout the letter to Titus. In the introduction, there is ample attention given to the setting of the letter. At the close of each chosen portion of Scripture, Chester provides three to six questions for reflection (great for pastors as they prepare sermons for a passage).

I would recommend this text for pastors looking for a “birds-eye-view” on a passage or for someone wishing to journey through Titus devotionally. If you are in the latter group, this will not provide heavy, practical application for day-to-day life but it will give you plenty of substance that can easily be put into practice (thanks to how readable and easily understood Chester’s writing is).

I’d encourage you to visit The Good Book Company or Amazon.com and consider picking up a copy for yourself or a friend.

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