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10:10 Life to the Fullest

life to the fullest daniel hillWhy do so many of us sense that something is missing in life? Even people of faith fail to find fulfillment and purpose and spend their days spinning their wheels and looking for more. But Jesus said that he came that we might have life–abundant life or life to the full.

“A lot of folks tiptoe through life just to arrive at death safely, coming to die only to find that they have not truly lived. Daniel Hill’s debut book is a manifesto of life–an invitation to look our fears in the face and live in defiance of them.”–Shane Claiborne, activist; bestselling author

In 10:10, pastor Daniel Hill shows readers how they can have a holistic life in Christ that displays emotional health, spiritual vitality, vibrant evangelism, diverse community, and everyday justice. In short, they can have a faith that touches every aspect of life and makes all those disparate pieces come together in a whole. Hill shows readers how faith looks when it comes to their fears, intimacy, and mission and then helps them develop a transformational faith that is fully alive and impactful, right where God has placed them.

We all feel it at one time or another–that there is something profoundly and dreadfully missing in our lives. We look to the world and find no satisfaction. We look within and yet come up empty. We look to religion, and still we cannot fill the void.
Jesus said that he came that we might have life. Abundant life. Life to the full. So why do even fervent followers of Jesus sense that some vital and fundamental part of life is elusive? Was it just an empty promise?

Not at all, says pastor Daniel Hill. In 10:10 he shows you how you can have a faith that touches deep within and reaches far beyond yourself, a faith that makes all the disparate parts of your life come together in a fulfilling whole. With engaging stories and contagious passion, Hill paints a compelling picture of the holistic life in Christ you’ve been longing for–the 10:10 Life.

“I’ve known Daniel for fifteen years. When you spend time with him, you find his bravery and passion contagious, and just the same thing happened to me as I read these pages. His message is intelligent, courageous, and necessary.”–Shauna Niequist, author of Bread & Wine

“If you wonder if you are missing something in your walk with God but can’t understand what it might be, 10:10 will help you identify that and jump-start you back to the place you are meant to be.”–Dan Kimball, author of Adventures in Churchland

Daniel Hill is the pastor of River City Community Church in downtown Chicago. He has a master’s degree from Moody Bible College and is in the process of completing a doctorate in community development at Northern Seminary, but his practical training came through his time of service on staff with the Axis ministry at Willow Creek Community Church. He is the author of Following After God.

224 pages. Baker Books. May 2014.

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