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Get to know the new CheerGive

There are many platforms that can change money from one person to another, from one business to another, but each of them comes with their own set of costs, fees or monthly/yearly commitments that makes each of them more of a hassle and a concern than making ones life easier.  Creating another cost in your own life, when it was created to make life easier.

But CheerGive did not do that, it did not want to rope you in, or force you to sign up or make it so that you can’t leave.  It simply wanted to make the giving and receiving process easier, cleaner, and more streamlined. It is one reason why we call it the simple donation tool, not because it is not feature rich, because it is, but more so because it is simply in its use and execution and within minutes, you can have an active account, ready to send or receive funds seamlessly.

[CheerGive] simply wanted to make the giving and receiving process easier, cleaner, and more streamlined.

The newest version of CheerGive, v2.0, just launched and this has come with a list of new features, lower rates, premium and personal options, as well as an all new design and user interface.  Not a small ease by any means, but one that was geared to making the process easier, making the reason CheerGive was created in the first place more simple.

Among some of the great things that CG 2.0 has to offer is a lower rate, bringing the overall % to under 4, which is one of the most competitive donation rates in the market, while never reducing functionality for you, the clients.  If you choose to go premium, that rate drops even lower, to a mere 3.1%, with all of the amazing tracking and donor tools that you have come to expect from CheerGive.

CheerGive 2.0 is a leap forward for donations platforms and is a leap into personal finances and accounting and this growth is only the beginning.  We are excited to continue to build the CheerGive platform and hope that you will check it out and see it put to action for yourself! See you there!


For His Glory,

Drew Webb CheerGive

hello [at] cheergive [dot] come

(202) 643-9322

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