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Reformed Gold Product Details

“I have found Logos to be the most intuitive & complete Bible software out there.” — Dr. Timothy Keller

A Bible study powerhouse: Reformed Gold comes with all of Logos 5’s advanced tools, including the Timeline, Bible Sense Lexicon, Sermon Starter Guide, and everything from the lower base packages. Plus, you’ll get a huge library of 811 resources worth over $20,200 in print. These include key Reformed titles, like Herman Bavinck’s Reformed Dogmatics, the 10-volume Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, the 24-volume Works of John Owen, and more!

This package is specifically designed for the Reformed tradition—it combines smart Bible study tools with a world-class library of Reformed resources, making it perfect for anyone wanting to go deeper in their Reformed studies.

A Look at the Reformed Gold Collection

If you do not know anything at all about Logos Bible Software, than, to understand how sweet this reformed collection deal really is, you have got to first understand the amazing searchable database that Logos is. Logos has already done the grunt work of transferring thousands and thousands of Biblical resources, including books, Bible translations and commentaries, over to searchable and meticulously tagged electric files. Similar to the way in which someone searches or, when you open Logos and type in a passage, topic or Biblical person/place, you are supplied countless resources and images to help you in interpreting the subject at hand. Here’s a short video (and some more Logos Software features) that provides you with a visual of what Logos Bible Software can do …

Now on to the Reformed Collection in particular. Just like a search result in Google, searching in Logos Bible Software can populate a ton of responses – with a ton of different perspectives. While it is important to consider the research of a variety of scholars, since all perspectives have their place in interpretation, the Reformed perspective is highly esteemed for “going back to the sources.

When seeking to go back to the sources, the Reformed Package provides you with both the sources themselves as well as deeply respected, tested and approved commentary on the sources. I have provided a screenshot of a few of the most reputable resources from the Reformed Gold Library – let’s take a look at the screenshot (click for a larger image):

logos bible software reformed gold library

  • If we move naturally across this image, from top to bottom and left to right, than we notice that I have done a search for “justification” through ALL of the works of John Owen (that is 17 volumes of his writings). Not only have I sifted through all of Owen’s work but I have also taken the extra step and organized the results by occurrences of the term “justification.” Rather than fighting my way through his works for that one topic, why not focus on one of his volumes that feature the subject the very most (that is not to say that we should not visit the other volumes as well-and that is easy to do now that they are all searched through!).
  • Also included in this library is TDNT, the Theological Dictionary of the New Testament. To further help my research on justification, I can see what experts in the field say about the Greek word (sorted by Strong’s numbers for those not completely familiar with New Testament Greek). TDNT weighs heavily on etymology, but is extremely helpful when seeking the contextual meaning of a particular word (particularly in correlation to closely linked words, like how verbs and nouns relate to one another).
  • One more resource (of the 811 that come in this package) that are worth mentioning is Herman Bavinck’s Reformed Dogmatics. You don’t have to take my word on this masterful set of systematically approached reformed dogmatics, look at what J.I. Packer has to say in the quote!

Bavinck’s Dutch masterwork was the Everest of which the textbooks by Louis Berkhof and Auguste Leoerf were foothills and Berkouwer’s studies in dogmatics were outliers. Like Augustine, Calvin, and Edwards, Bavinck was a man of giant mind, vast learning, ageless wisdom and great expository skill. Solid but lucid, demanding but satisfying, broad and deep and sharp and stabilizing, Bavinck’s magisterial Reformed Dogmatics remains after a century the supreme achievement of its kind. – J.I. Packer

I am not sure how much more of a glimpse into this library you need to see that it is priceless, especially since all of your resources are tagged, linked together and completely searchable with the click of a button. The Reformed Library adds centuries of voices for Biblical interpretation — voices that have continually sought after the source, after Christ and the meaning of our sacred Scriptures. My prayer and hope is that this would be a resource that serves you time and time again, whether in your own personal studies, in your preparation for Sunday morning sermons, or in those countless hours preparing research papers for your professors (hours that are shortened, thanks to the speediness of searching tons of resources at one time).

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