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women of the word jen wilkinTo summarize Jen Wilkin’s book Women of the Word: How to Study the Bible with Both Our Hearts and Our Minds , she brings forth the intelligence of her mind and the passion in her heart to challenge Christian women to better study the Word of God — both in the context of a group Bible study and one’s individual walk with Christ.

In the first chapter of her book, Wilkin exposes two bad habits that both she and many other women share in approaching the knowledge of God: reading it as if it is a book about oneself, and letting one’s heart lead the mind. She rightfully admonishes herself and others for this tendency, and relies on Scripture to remind women that it is a Book about God, and that the mind is to lead the heart.

Wilkin then goes into explaining what Bible literacy is, shedding light on seven bad habits that women practice when approaching the Word, and can even prohibit the acquisition of Bible literacy. She makes clear that it is imperative that women pursue it, not simply to be knowledgeable, but for the sake of knowing and loving the Living God to the best of our abilities.

In the bulk of Women of the Word, Wilkin presents a worthier way of studying the Bible with the hope of aiding women of Christ in acquiring Bible literacy. She dubs this approach as the “5 P’s of Sound Study”: purpose, perspective, process, patience, and prayer, providing a thorough explanation of each and how to carry them out.

Nearing the end of her book, she reviews her approach, offers advice to other teachers of the Word, and gives recommended sources at the end of the book. (Shop Amazon.com or Crossway.com)


Wilkin’s book is a great read, and I highly recommend it for many crucial reasons.

Throughout the book, Wilkin is honest about her shortcomings in reading the Word. Although she sternly calls out many of the flaws in Christian women’s approach to Scripture, she kept herself on a relatable level with the reader. I was excited to accept instruction from her because she didn’t raise herself up as high and above, without fault and shortcoming in the practice herself.

I genuinely appreciated her admonishing the self-centered habits we as women have today in reading the Bible, seeing that all of her points and suggestions are grounded in Scripture and heavily affect our minds and hearts toward the Lord. I was immediately convicted by the things she pointed out, and was quickly motivated to seek the right approach to God’s Word.

No one likes to be called out these days, but she relied on the righteousness and truth of God to do so, for the sake of sharpening women of faith and drawing them closer to Him.

I also applaud her ability not to be too black and white in her teaching, as she suggest a complex and demanding method of studying the Bible while still managing to acknowledge that there are times in which we won’t be able to take on such an approach. This kept me from feeling discouraged, but still stirred up the motivation in me to act.

I highly recommend this book, but for both men and women. Although Women of the Word has a catchy name, there is no reason that this book should be geared only toward women. This book is helpful for all believers, and there are only a few parts within the book that are solely unique to women.

Her suggestions are each firmly rooted in Scripture and helpful for anyone in a relationship with Jesus.

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