Top 3 Writing Places

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My writing is highlight affected by my surroundings. Different places give off different atmospheres and my writing is stirred by each one in particular ways. I’ve noticed that location even has a strong connection to my writing abilities and I have become place-sensitive when writing. Here are my top three favorite places to write:

Coffee Shop

There’s just somethin’ about it. Sitting in a dimly-lit room at your own table. Surrounded by people who have also come for their own personal time, whether reading, writing, working or whatever it may be. And by people who have come to quietly discuss things that need to be thought through, whether personal or strictly business. Everyone has come with a goal in mind. Calm music that flows through speakers and fills the room and fits the atmosphere.

The aroma of different coffee grounds intoxicates the air and my lungs – in the most splendid way.

I feel joyfully serene — concentrated, unconcerned and motivated. I am eased by the scent, the sound, and the sights. I am motivated by the people around me, whom I don’t even know though we share the same general purpose as we are all in the business of getting something done while we’re there. It is the perfect place for relaxation and determination to join together and get you moving!

At Home (with coffee and dim lighting).

Sometimes I don’t have the budget that allows for a coffee shop trip three times a week, so I remake the scene myself at home. An IKEA lantern light alongside other lowered lights. Accompanied by my own coffee, my own indie music streaming through my speakers, and all working together to create my own coffee-shop-feel at home.

What is more, there is no one around. Although it can inspiring to sit in a coffeehouse amidst other people knocking out work, if I am at home, I get distracted by people – regardless of the goals they have set. I cannot write at home when other people are around. At home, I get my privacy and my personal coffee shop and I’m in my own world, just me and my words. Create your favorite atmosphere (even if it’s not a coffee joint) at home, and get to it!


Whether a park, your backyard, a lake or a bench in a downtown alley (a safe one, of course), writing outside has proved incredibly beneficial for me. No computer in hand to distract me with the beckoning Facebook and Email. Just me, my pen, and my journal. My attention is on my surroundings, giving me ample ideas for writing.

The inspiration of nature and life is endless, and you never know what you’ll write about. It is the best place for creative writing – the most wonderful location for innovation!

There are just my top three places to write, and no hard feelings if you don’t feel the same. However, I strongly suggest at least trying them out. They’ve done me some serious good! Where do you do your best writing?

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