The Wonder-Working God

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The Wonder Working God: Seeing the Glory of Jesus in His Miracles


In Jared C. Wilson’s book The Wonder-Working God: Seeing the Glory of Jesus in His Miracles, he rightfully makes clear the true meaning of a “miracle,” and sets the glorious miracles of Jesus Christ and the miracle of Jesus Christ Himself deep into the hearts of his readers.

He begins by shedding light on how our society doesn’t really believe in miracles anymore, and if we ever do, we’ve misunderstood what they truly are. Today, says Wilson, our version of a miracle is achieving our dreams and self-actualization. We’ve left Jesus out, turning miracles into something that they’re not, resulting in the cheapening of the word.

Wilson clarifies that in fact, miracles are not to tend to our own selfish ambitions, but rather to address the larger, deeper issue at hand – the problem of sin that has infested this world and can only be resolved through Jesus Christ. His mission, as Wilson reminds us, was and is to bring the kingdom of God back into harmony with the world as it once was.

He reestablishes the definition of a “miracle”: “a supernatural act of God that glorifies Jesus” (p. 28); a “window into heaven” (p. 32). He clears up the damaging misconception that miracles are about us, emphasizing that they are meant to point directly back to Jesus, the miracle worker, and reveal something about who He is and what He is doing.

Wilson chooses four main purposes for Jesus’s miracle, those being: to demonstrate that God’s kingdom is at hand, to give us sneak peaks of the way the current broken world will one day finally be, to overthrow the corrupt path of the world and the Devil, to point to Jesus Himself,

Throughout the book, he groups the miracles that Jesus performed during His ministry on earth into five categories, those being His: 1) control over nature, 2) healings, 3) exorcisms, 4) resurrections, and 5) the miracle of Himself. Each of His miracles has a unique lesson, but they also are meant to teach us something in particular about who Christ is and what He was doing. For example, the purpose of Jesus performing the specific miracle of resurrections was ultimately to display that the kingdom of God is at hand and is prevailing, to give a small glimpse at His future resurrection and our future resurrection as well, and to show that He was in the process of conquering death and would conquer death at the Cross.

Wilson ends by focusing on the miracle of Jesus Christ Himself, the “God-man”, coming to reverse the curse, His death on the Cross, His resurrection and ascension. He breaks down related Scripture, guiding readers to see what all of this truly means for us now and for us in the future, compelling them to behold Christ, the miracle worker, as the greatest miracle Himself.


Besides Wilson’s impeccable ability to create the most beautiful, vivid imagery and make you laugh, I highly recommend this book for three main reasons:

1) All of his points are rooted in Scripture.

Many people preach many things that are nowhere to be found in Scripture, all the while claiming to be a Christian. I highly encourage all (even the skeptic) to read this book, because every point Wilson makes is rooted in the Word. You will find that every page has 1-8 Biblical references, and they are all within context. All that he says can be authenticated by the Word of God.

2) He is real, but relatable.

I love that although Wilson is incredibly real, and sometimes so honest that it seems harsh, but makes himself easily relatable. When reading this book, one doesn’t feel preached at, but encouraged and sharpened in faith by a brother. He addresses societal issues and the Word of God with confidence, but he puts himself right there with the audience, making it clear that he is preaching to himself as well.

3) The reality of God will register in your mind and heart.

Last, but certainly not least, the truth that he shares within these pages will pierce through your soul and make the reality of God click in your mind and heart. The realness of what our life means and will be because of Christ sets in deep and you are awakened. Read this book if you want the Gospel of Christ to register in your mind and heart as truth and reality, not an idea. It is indeed a refresher. (Shop or


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