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bible book heartAgain I confess, I never read much until this summer. And I’ve fallen in love with it. I choose a cozy spot with some cozy music and my cozy coffee, and I delve into a whole other world that the author creator. It thrills me to learn more from each writer, discovering what passions lie heavily on their heart. The lessons I learn in each book grow me in a unique way, shedding light to different aspects of myself that need some work or need some truth (which is just about everything). And as a writer, I especially love experiencing the different tones and styles of each type of writing, which guide me in finding my personal writing style. There’s just one problem:

I’ve found myself reading books more than Scripture.

I’ve found myself reading these wonderful books more than The Wonderful Book itself.

I read because I enjoy it but when I read Christian books I’m reading primarily to better know my God and to be sharpened in my faith. There are so many incredible brothers and sisters whom the Lord has blessed with the gift of writing for His glory. They speak truth into the hearts of their readers that pierce hearts and scream Yahweh’s name.

However, reading books about Scripture is absolutely nothin’ like reading Scripture.

“Visit many good books, but live in the Bible.” – Charles Spurgeon

It is beautiful to be led in our walks with Christ by our fellow believers, but they are solely vessels. They are incredible authors, but God is the Author. All knowledge that they share comes from His Holy Book, the Bible, and that knowledge is about Him. All wisdom that they impart comes from the Bible, and it is wisdom to better your walk with and for Him.

Additionally, if you have committed to following Jesus, to get to know Him, you most go to Him Himself, and that is in prayer and in His good Word. Wanting to better know Christ but reading only books about Him is like proclaiming that you have want to pursue a relationship with a friend of a friend, and you do that by talking to your friend about his/her friend. That doesn’t make any sense! That’s no friendship!

If you want to know God and seek Him truly, then go to Him yourself, and let the words of His other sons and daughters be an aid.

I have loved giving the advice I have for reading and writing throughout this summer on the Brave Reviews, but if we truly want to grow in our faith, then let us not go only to books written by God’s children. The Scripture of God is the primary source and each and every book about Him are secondary.

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