GOD by Robert Woeger

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It’s funny, I’m doing a snippet of of writing in which I hope to summarize “God” … the book, of course, and not God Himself. I remember talking with Woeger before this new edition was released and I’m certain that the book has only gotten better with this updated version.

God, by Woeger, is a great read for a number of reasons. A lot of need to be having the conversation of systematic theology, asking questions like Who is God and how do I live as a result of that? The problem with that is once you start going down that road, the majority of textbooks that are stirring such thoughts are weighty, “academic” books that are filled with footnotes, that cite German scholars, and speak in a jargon that is just difficult to get through. Woeger, on the other hand, is researched but a writer for the people.

Pick up a copy of God and Happy reading!!

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