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Love Story by Nichole Nordeman

love story nichole nordemanThe Hand That Holds Us 
From the Garden To The Gate

Based on the #1-selling Christian album The Story (EMI/WOW), lyricist and Grammy-nominated artist Nichole Nordeman helps readers embrace God’s relentless, loving pursuit of the most weak and sinful among us from the beginning of time.

Love Story is an exquisite narrative that exposes the emotional and human underside of major biblical events, including Adam and Eve’s dramatic fall in the Garden of Eden, Sarah and Abraham’s struggle to have a child, Mary’s surprise at being pregnant with Jesus, Paul’s trauma on the road to Damascus, and concludes with a triumphant picture of the second coming of Christ. This book is a dramatic connecting point for all readers, inspiring them to grasp the poignant nature of God’s immense, all-consuming love.

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“Through Nichole’s brilliant and creative storytelling, timeless Bible characters come to life in such a way, it’s as if I’m walking in their shoes. And more than that, it’s like they’ve walked in mine, because I find a little piece of me in every one.”
–Natalie Grant

“Through Nichole’s brilliant and creative storytelling, timeless Bible characters come to life in such a way, it’s as if I’m walking in their shoes. And more than that, it’s like they’ve walked in mine, because I find a little piece of me in every one.”
–Natalie Grant

“We had the same experience reading this book that our whole family has had listening to the amazing lyrics Nichole wrote for The Story CD. Her willingness to use her incredible gift in such a brace and honest way makes the real people of the Story and the God of all our stories profoundly more real.”
–Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman

“Turns out one of the best living lyricists is also a great author with some super-fresh insights and angles on the greatest story ever told. It’s like Nichole actually had lunch with each of the characters before she wrote the chapters.”
–Randy Frazee

“I’ve always loved the writing of anyone who could take the alphabet and turn it into a little army of twenty-six soldiers, send them forth to march across a page, and occupy the territory with beauty, depth, poetry, humor, and truth. This is the talent of Nichole.”
–Luci Swindoll 

About the Author

Nichole Nordeman is a recording artist and songwriter for Sparrow Records/EMI Christian Music Group, with numerous number-one and top ten singles to her credit and cumulative CD sales over one million. A two-time Gospel Music Association winner for Female Vocalist of the Year, she has won a total of nine Dove Awards, including one recently as the lyricist on the best-selling album, Music Inspired by The Story. She lives with her family in Tulsa, OK.

Our Thoughts

  • Accompanies and based on well-known music set, Music Inspired by the Story
  • Down-to-earth and personal approach to daily life experiences for Christians
  • Reveals a very transparent side of Nordeman
  • Approach to understanding Scripture that includes all of Scripture, beginning to end!
  • Walks through the Bible, character by character

The format of the book is one unlike I’ve seen anywhere else. In a way much like The Story itself, the layout of the book is incredibly welcoming and readable. Start where you are familiar or comfortable (Old Testament, New Testament or with particular individuals from Scripture) and then work through the book that way — or read through the book from to back! Either way, you begin to get a much better idea of the over-arching story of Scripture. Another note on format, the text is spaced so that you can cruise through it with ease. The book is easy on the eye like Nordeman’s lyrics are good for the soul.

As far as the content of the book itself … I’ll be honest with you, I was surprised. I’ve said this about other authors I’ve covered, but I mean it this time in a whole new way — Nordeman is incredibly candid. Raw. Gritty. Earthy. Human. She shares about moments in her life that taught her more about God and God’s story. She shares stuff with you as though you’re her best friend, like moments sitting in her therapists office, and those are the types of moments that instill trust with her in a new way. You can resonate with what she shares, and the way that she shares it, and you think, “Oh wow … I’m not the only one thinking through that?” or, “Yeah, that’s something I haven’t thought about or dealt with yet.”

Not only is her writing style extremely frank, but when she shifts from her life to the life of Christ — it is thought out and researched thoroughly. When I said I was surprised by the book — if I were to be completely honest — this is the area I was most surprised by. Thank you, Nichole, for considering Brueggemann’s take theologically and for not skipping over highly-debated and hotly-debated Daniel! The content is not an exhaustive commentary, but it is thought through and is definitely a good, reputable read.

Who is this book for?

Nichole Nordeman’s Love Story is biblical theology in nature, as it walks through the entirety of Scripture from front to back. She gives individual attention to particular characters who played important roles in the grand narrative — but she doesn’t do it in a way that will give much help academically. I would suggest a new believer or someone looking for a better understanding of Scripture give this book a read — unless you just like Nordeman, in which case you will probably enjoy the transparent nature in which she shares her life!

Enjoy the read and look for more books from Worthy Publishing & First Look

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