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seal of the king ralph smithQ & A with Ralph Smith, author of Seal of the King

What are your hopes for the series, spiritually?

[Ralph Smith] One of the main reasons I wrote the book was to show people who struggle with their faith that a Godly relationship is full of passion. That love that comes from God is pure, loyal and faithful, a small reflection of the love He has for us.

I also wanted to show through the story how trusting in Him, even when we can’t see where He is taking us, means we always have hope. That if we open our hearts to his will and follow it he will always be with us.

I think for many people today reconciling how God works in our lives is difficult. With all the secular information overload today, it is a very confusing time. I felt that using a fantasy story to capture peoples imaginations that through the story and how the characters act, not so much what they say, God willing, I might help some people to see what how and why we do what we do is just as important as what we do.
Just as our characters are in a battle between good and evil so are we. We are battling for the hearts and minds of our youth who are being overwhelmed with information, books, songs, music, tv, movies etc.

What is the inspiration for David and Aurora? They seem like judges, prophets, or two of the King’s Mighty Warriors?

[Ralph Smith] I wanted David and Aurora to be regular people with fears and doubts, but because, in spite of their tragedies, they remained faithful they were blessed with gifts. They aren’t seeking glory or authority and don’t really want the responsibility they were given. But because they are faithful and obedient the Lord blessed them. They are humbled that he has chosen them and recognize that they are servants of the light not lords over it.

It is because of their compassion for others, even those who were seduced by the dark, that they succeed.

Tell us about Seal of the King.

[Ralph Smith] Even though the basic plot of good versus evil is not unique, I hope that what I did within the elements of the book will stand the test of time. I wanted to write a love story that would inspire people, not waste their time with the trite, will she won’t she, will he won’t he, or the typical love triangle that is so common today.

It is the strength of this love, the purity and at the same time passion of it that helps these two characters overcome so much of what they face. I also wanted an adventure filled with danger and excitement, twists and turns, letting the reader think they know what is coming then take them somewhere unexpected. I also wanted to create characters that you could step into, put yourself in their place and feel satisfied that they lived up to the readers expectations.

What is the “message” or purpose of your writing?

[Ralph Smith] The underlying message in my book is that being faithful and trusting in God will never fail us. That he gives us everything we need even when we don’t know it and that if we seek his will in all things he will never take us where his grace can not sustain us. We need to embrace every moment of every day and make the most of it.

This interviewed was shared with me by Ralph and was shared in more detail at Reality Calling.

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