Being Church Doing Life by Michael Moynagh [+Video]

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Being Church Doing Life — Creating Gospel communities where life happens

being church doing life michael moynaghI am not a writer 24/7. In fact, I only write for Brave Reviews every now and then. I do spend time reading but the majority of my time is doing life. You know what I mean by that? I am paying bills. I am visiting family. I am pouring into my marriage. I am buying dog food. And the list goes on — We spend a lot of time doing life and in that mix we often confused the church as another thing to do and, in the confusion, we end up doing church as we do life instead of being church while we do life.

I haven’t read anything else by Michael Moynagh — I’ve never heard of him prior to this book from Monarch Books landing on my doorstep. But I’m glad it did. Christians worldwide are learning new ways to connect their faith to everyday life. Gospel communities are popping up everywhere – in cafes, gyms, tattoo parlours, laundromats. This movement, called Fresh Expressions, is attracting thousands and growing rapidly. With over 120 real-life examples, Michael Moynagh describes easy ways for ordinary Christians to embrace this highly effective approach to local mission. Anyone can do it!

Evidence now suggests that contextual church plants have an important role to play in church growth. There is an increasing international interest in these new and different forms of church, often known as ‘fresh expressions’ or ‘emerging church’. Author Michael Moynagh is a member of the UK national Fresh Expressions movement, a remarkable initiative that has attracted widespread attention around the world. In this inspiring volume he shares practical and comprehensive advice on how to start and grow new churches – however small – in every context of life. This popular introduction emphasizes practical aspects, telling many of the great stories that have emerged through practitioners. It will enthuse and help church leaders and individuals to start and develop these communities; and advise them on how to help them grow to maturity and become sustainable.

Being Church Doing Life
is a weighty read. Not weighty in the sense that it is intensely researched (but it is) or full of Churchy jargon for the faint of heart — It is literally, weighty. Just over 350 pages, as you read you pick up the influence that the likes of Alan Hirsch, Jonny Baker and Ed Stetzer had on the book. While Being Church Doing Life is not as the note on the note on the cover alludes to (“Over 120 Pioneering Stories”), the pages weave in and out of its hands-on, utterly applicable discipleship model the testimonies of the growing, organic, pulsating Church. Whether you are a pastor looking for new insight, particularly that of gospel communities, or a lay person who wants to how the church is evolving in the present day, I would encourage you to pick up a copy of Michael Moynagh’s Being Church Doing Life.

being church doing life

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