Logos 6 Released

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Logos Bible Software — Logos 6 Released

I am utterly excited about this announcement — Did you hear that Logos Bible Software has just today released its SIXTH (6th) edition of their software? I’ve actually been toying around with this interface for a few weeks now — I had the great opportunity to test the beta versions as launch grew near. It has a slick, simplified interface that is easy on the eyes. There are a number of new tools added to this release (as of the last few launches, Logos has given their attention to what tools are available more so than revamping the appearance of their software). This post will be solely for providing you an outline of what’s new! Enjoy learning more about one of the most powerful Bible software packages available:

Logos Bible Software Tutorial Videos and Screencasts

Inline SearchThe fastest way to find words or phrases in English or the original languages without leaving your Bible.

Cultural ConceptsA new addition to the Passage Guide that helps you connect concepts that are common to the Biblical world, and explore them in other ancient texts.

FactbookThe first stop for researching Biblical people, places, events, concepts, or things mentioned in the Bible.

Form and Structure of the PsalmsThis tool helps you group the Psalms by theme and expose the structure of the Hebrew poetry.

Everything SearchThe simplest form of search that will gather information from across your library. Related resources, maps, Bible references, specific resources, and more.

Visual Copy: Build stunning presentation with inspirational quotes as you study.

Ancient Literature ToolStudy the Bible against its cultural and linguistic background by making connections between the Bible and ancient texts.

Bible Book GuidesCreate Bible introductions for any book of the Bible. Find everything your library has to say about a book of the Bible in one place.

Custom LayoutsHow to create unique layouts for your workflow.

The entire playlist can be viewed here — Enjoy!


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