Jesus Continued… by J.D. Greear

by | Nov 12, 2014 | Book | 4 comments

I read a lot of books. I have lost count of all the books that I have read so far this year. This one easily ranks at the top of that list. The words of Greear have molded me in the short time I have had this book and is one that could easily find its place in a yearly cycle. The main idea behind the book is why the Holy Spirit inside of you is better than Jesus beside you. At first glance, it seems almost sacrilegious; however, there is a great amount of truth in that statement. Read that thought and let it sink in a little bit. The Spirit inside of you is better than Jesus beside you.

jesus-continued-jd-greearThe first step to accepting this truth, according to Greear, is to acknowledge that the Spirit has been misunderstood and quite honestly, missing. I can attest to this fact. It seems like we often get in a routine of simply going to church rather than being the church. We believe that somehow church has become all about what we get out of it rather than how we can be a light in dark places. Even as we seek to bring the light of Christ to the places we go, we do not have to worry about trying to save the world by ourselves. Greear points out that “He has never commanded us to go and save the world for him; he has called us to follow him as He saves the world through us.” Rather than being overwhelmed at every lost soul around us, we can take rest in the truth that it is not our works that saves anyone. We simply point the way.

Throughout the rest of the book Greear talks about how we ought to experience the Holy Spirit and how to seek Him. It would be easy for Greear to take a firm stance on the issues that divide Christians; however, he chooses to focus on the things that unite us. I am grateful for that as we simply do not need another divisive book on spiritual gifts and the Holy Spirit. I do think that he balances this well as he talks about how the Holy Spirit ought to be working, but how we must test the words that people are speaking on His behalf.

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This book was released at an appropriate time in my own life. I am a pastor and in some ways, I can identify with the author. I have not seen the Holy Spirit move in my own life as much recently as I would like. If that makes me less of a pastor, then so be it. I believe there is power in admitting our faults and our discouragement. I know that it is possible that it is because I have seen the Holy Spirit used as an excuse to rip people to shreds or to proclaim words of God that are completely off base. Through this book, the Holy Spirit has worked on me. I have began to allow Him the opportunity to speak to me more freely and to know that God is working things out in my own life even if I make mistakes.

If you find yourself in a place like me where you know there was something deeper, but now it seems to be gone, pick this book up. It will help you to rediscover your love for the Holy Spirit and the Spirit’s promptings.

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