Why I Use CoSchedule at Brave Daily [+ Video]

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CoSchedule for WordPress is a Must Have

There is a lot of juggling that takes place to manage a website, particularly a corner of the internet that is extremely content heavy. Sit with me for a moment and think through the world of Brave Reviews. We are a team of writers, 5-6 of us post article entries regularly and we (together) have a massive social media network that includes personal channels as well as that of Brave Reviews (Twitter, Google+, Facebook and more). Between scheduling new posts, putting new drafts in our queue, creating social media content and measuring analytics (and this is only the tip of the iceberg), we have a lot of spinning wheels to this digital ministry. We absolutely needed to find a tool that would keep it all in one, organized and manageable place — That’s when we met CoSchedule for WordPress.

  • Thanks to CoSchedule, all the spinning wheels behind Brave Reviews that I just outlined above are in one editorial calendar.
  • Thanks to CoSchedule, I can create and assign tasks for my team right within my WordPress dashboard.
  • Thanks to CoSchedule, I can draft new posts and add them to the schedule quickly and easily.
  • Thanks to CoSchedule,  I can allow different levels of privacy to different users.
  • Thanks to CoSchedule, my social media reach is multiplying because I can afford to write quality, consistent content — and I can use my entire blogging team to help me do so. These features and more are in this powerhouse plugin for WordPress — Learn More.

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CoSchedule for WordPress Feature Insights:

Make it less work and more flow with a drag-and-drop calendar that combines your blogging and social media. Stop spreading your workflow across an endless stream of browser tabs.

Social messages bring traffic to your content. Schedule your social media messages while you write your blog post. Hit publish, and automatically set them all in motion.

You had big plans for your blog, but making it happen has become unwieldy. We reduce the hiccups, and make communicating with your team a cinch.

Now you don’t have to chase after deadlines. Your team can clearly see what and when they should write with scheduled tasks and reminders.

We are a standalone app that syncs with WordPress. It won’t slow your WordPress install down or wreak havoc on your other plugins.

Included are a few screenshots to give you a better idea of the post and social media creator as well as the drag & drop calendar that is available:

Coschedule for WordPress Screenshot 3

This is a view of a couple weeks of already scheduled and posted blogs as well as social media status updates.

CoSchedule for WordPress screenshot 4

You can get an idea of how easy it is to schedule out social media posts. CoSchedule for WordPress automatically “ripple posts” your social posts if you ask it to do so — so they don’t all go out at the exact same time.

coShedule for WordPress Screenshot 2

You can schedule posts right from the calendar but it is also extremely helpful to see the analytics of your social posts right in the calendar dashboard!

CoSchedule for WordPress Screenshot

Scheduling and analyzing social posts are one thing, but getting a preview of what is to come is a whole extra perk!


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