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Jesus Prom: Life Gets Fun When You Love People Like God Does by Jon Weece (Nelson Books, 2014)

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Nouns need verbs. Jon Weece says that is a spiritual truth, just as much as it is a grammatical truth. That’s what this book is about–putting verbs with our nouns. The particular nouns Weece deals with are “Christian–the person” (part one) and “Church–the people” (part two). Primarily through storytelling, he shows us various verbs (each chapter being a different verb) that we ought to attach to our nouns. He tells a story about JesusPromBooka time when he went to preach at a church while he was in college. When he arrived, it was an old house with the word “church” spray-painted on a large box outside. It was a few individuals who had split from a local church. They were just going through the motions of “church,” and had stopped putting verbs with their nouns.

When we stop loving, giving, going, remembering, etc. we cause our nouns to stand alone. We become a stagnant Christian and a church that is nothing but a building. Our nouns cannot stand on their own. That isn’t how grammar works, and that’s not how life as a Christ-follower works.

Jesus Prom was a refreshingly simple and straightforward read. Weece’s stories are entertaining, and the chapters fly by. A book like this, anyone can read and anyone can benefit from. Personally, I have trouble loving people extravagantly. I sometimes find my noun standing alone without the verbs that should accompany it. This book encouraged me to give more, love more, and do more with my faith. Pick up a copy, and be reminded that life gets fun when we love people like God does!

Buy Jesus Prom at Amazon or Thomas Nelson.

There is also a DVD based Jesus Prom small group study.


Publication Information

Jesus Prom: Life Gets Fun When You Love People Like God Does by Jon Weece. Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson-Nelson Books, 2014. 208 pages. ISBN 9781400206902. $16.99.

*This book was provided free from Nelson Books with my promise to post an unbiased review!


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