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The Portent is book two in a great science fiction style novel series. Before The Portent, we journeyed alongside Dr. Scott in the first part of The Façade Saga. If you see the Portent as just another novel by just another author than sit for just a moment and get acquainted with this piece before you move on — you just might be intrigued. What makes this series different? Heiser has done his homework and is not just whimsically painting characters and scenarios.

The characters are highly developed, see saw this begin in the first of the series (The Façade) and it only gets better in this one (well, do the two lone secret-information-keepers fall in love or not…?). Not only are the main characters great and the storyline very well thought out, but the events and pieces within the story are true to life. The skill of using genuine events and witness accounts takes The Portent story to a whole new level.

That’s the story, what about the author? Heiser is a well decorated biblical scholar that enjoys discussing the world out there beyond our own world. Heiser’s background in biblical studies makes this book about fate, about our existence, and about the extraterrestrial even better for folks who love an engaging read that errs on biblical insight. The book(s) are laced with “teachable moments,” if you will, in that you can pick up hints of election, of our lives beyond the grave, and more.

Heiser is a biblical scholar who uses real (ancient) documents to write a spiritually appealing fictional narrative about extraterrestrial life. Check it out!

More about The Façade Sage book series in this interview with Michael Heiser:

Learn more at www.readtheportent.com
Ancient conspiracy. Relentless evil. The hunt for answers continues.

The climactic ending of The Façade left Brian Scott and Melissa Kelley with only each other—and the terrible secrets they carry. The Portent finds them living under new identities, their future clouded by constant fear of being exposed.

Follow Brian and Melissa into the center of an unthinkably vast, centuries-old conspiracy, conceived to turn the faith of millions against itself. Revelations from ancient tombs, long-forgotten Nazi experiments, UFOs, occult mythologies, biblical theology, and godlike technologies converge in answer to a terrifying question: Now that “they” are here, what do they want?

By the time Brian and Melissa learn they’re being watched, their carefully constructed lives will be over.

*We received this book free from Vyrso Books and Kirkdale Press with our promise to post an unbiased review.

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