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Elevation Worship has been cranking songs for the church consistently for the last decade. They write from a place of calling and for their local people at Elevation. WAKE UP THE WONDER, releasing November 25, 2014,  is no exception. After a clear call from their pastor, Steven Furtick, for the church to pursue a revival in pursuing of the wonder of God in their midst, the team got together to create songs around that theme. WAKE UP THE WONDER does exactly that in the heart of the listener, it reawakens us to the wonder of God.

WAKE THE WONDER was recorded live at the Time Warner Cable Arena. There are songs that stand out above others, ALREADY WON, JESUS FOREVER, THE KING AMONG US, and the already well known UNSTOPPABLE GOD are hard to not sing along with. The whole album points directly to understanding and knowing God. Songs of praise ripple off the lips of the live audience, it makes you envious while listening that you weren’t a part of what took place there.

Elevation Worship is a team that I’ve always been thankful for. They consistently examine where they are musically and ask how they can push boundaries while staying true to their sound. There’s no mistake, the songs you hear stylistically fit the mold of a typical Elevation album, yet there’s a pulse that draws the listener into a journey of exploration and mystery.

The focus of the album is clear. The purpose is clearer. All we have left to do is dive in and move into action based on the songs we sing.

Album Rating: 7/10

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