InstaPray: What if we actually believed prayer worked?

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instapray-iconI will be the first to admit that my “I’ll pray for you” is not always followed up with a prayer. What is more, I often resort to worry or stress before I pause and pray. I don’t understand why it is so easy to complain or freak out about stuff — and why it is so difficult to let a situation go and pray about it. I mean, if we believe that God orchestrates the everything, from particles to planets, than why do we think that God wouldn’t have His hand in our day to day lives? It’s just plain foolishness on our part.

I would say too that how we spend our down time influences our attitudes. I mean, flip through the news and you just see stress-causing trouble. Scroll through your Facebook or Twitter feeds for just a few moments and you have enough complaining to last you a few weeks. “I need a job”… “I’m hungry”… and so on. We have got to take inventory of how we spend our time and where we spend our energy — and prayer should most certainly be in the mix. Maybe that’s why I’m so excited about InstaPray.

InstaPray is a One-of-a-Kind Prayer Network

In running this site, I get approached by a lot of people for a number of different reasons. Books or software that could be promoted. Fundraising and justice causes from around the globe. There are just so many great things and not enough time in the day to share it all. I found a message in my inbox a few weeks ago from Fryd. Fryd connected with me on LinkedIn and simple asked for a few minutes of my time so he could share information about a social App with me that, he thought, would appeal to Brave Reviews audience. Maybe because I work full-time in social media marketing, I agreed and we scheduled a time to chat over the phone.

Our conversation cut to the chase. Fryd’s time at Stanford opened up doors for him to create a mobile App that he had dreamed about ever since that incredible scene from Bruce Almighty. You know the scene, when “Bruce” (Jim Carrey) is fielding prayer requests from the comfort of his own computer. From that scene, and an understanding that social media could be used to foster a tight-knit prayer community, Fryd embarked on a journey to create a mobile application that would change how we use our mobile devices.

InstaPray is as simple to use as Twitter or Facebook. You can quickly register and be up and running just like that. The IU (User Interface) is clean and crisp and allows you to write up new prayers or comment and pray for the prayer requests of others. The application is both #Hashtag and @Username enabled, meaning you can get really specific in what you’re praying for an who you’d like to be notified of your actions. Even explore the network for nearby prayers, answered prayers or notes of encouragement. The notification pane displays comments from others, a broad newsfeed and access to your private messages (like DM’s in Twitter).

[Tweet “Be a part of the unique prayer mobile app network called @InstaPray”]

The App is slick and, for me, just being a part of this prayer community has encouraged me to be more intentional in praying. I am growing a network of prayer-warriors that I can always turn to in times of need … and this reminds me that God is in charge, not me. I’d encourage you to check out this free App. You can install InstaPray on both Google Android Play and Apple iOS devices. Also allow your visitors to collaborate with your InstaPray activity by using the InstaPray website widget.

Watch this video to learn more

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