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Geerhardus Vos’ Reformed Dogmatics (5 vols.) represents the early theological thought of one of the premier Reformed thinkers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Originally self-published in five volumes in 1896, under the title Gereformeerde Dogmatiek (also known as Dogmatiek) this important piece of Reformed theology has never been available to an English audience.

Throughout his life, Vos was connected with a number of important Reformed institutions. He was the first alumnus of Calvin Seminary (then Theological School) to earn a doctoral degree and also the first Calvin Seminary faculty member to have an advanced degree. Before his appointment at Calvin, Vos was invited by Abraham Kuyper to take the chair of Old Testament Theology at the newly formed Free University (Vrije Universiteit) in Amsterdam.

After teaching at Calvin, Vos accepted a position at Princeton during the days of the Old Princeton Theologians. He held the chair of Biblical Theology there from 1892 until 1932. Vos is perhaps best known to English speakers for his books Pauline Eschatology, published in 1930, and Biblical Theology: Old and New Testament, published in 1948. Vos’ strong grounding in biblical scholarship and biblical theology makes his Reformed Dogmatics unique, bringing a fresh biblical perspective. Though these five volumes are systematic in nature, Geerhardus Vos brings the skills and acumen of a biblical theologian to the task.

A New Approach to Translation Projects

Lexham Press is pleased to announce the first ever English translation of Geerhardus Vos’ Gereformeerde Dogmatiek. Using the Pre-Pub Process for this project allows us to invest resources in translating Gereformeerde Dogmatiek only if there is sufficient demand. The books that have been available only to specialists will soon be accessible to everyone. As the scope of the project becomes clearer, the price might increase, such as when we announce the translator and we begin the work of translation. That means users who pre-order the earliest—with the fewest details available—will get the best price. Learn more about the details on the Logos Blog: Geerhardus Vos’ Reformed Dogmatics: A First-Ever English Translation.

At present, you can visit this page at and pre-order the entire collection for only $70. An in-depth look at insights from Geerhardus Vos’ Reformed Dogmatics can be found here at Feeding On Christ (also due credit for the featured image above).

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