What Do Loving People And Tending Sheep Have In Common?

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I have the privilege of serving at NewPointe Community Church as a pastor on staff. I get the opportunity to teach and speak into the lives not only of our people, but also some of our staff. Recently this occurred in the form of a book study on The Way Of The Shepherd by Dr. Kevin Leman and Bill Pentak. I had read the book when I first join the NewPointe team a little over three years ago. As I opened it’s pages I found my notes scribbled in red ink all over the place. The book reads like a short novel, but the insights found within about leading and managing productive teams and people are astounding. Since I’m constantly leading and managing teams of people toward common goals, the second time around the block with this book was as refreshing as the first. The story takes on the metaphor of a shepherd tending his sheep and applies it to the a leader managing people on his team.

The Way Of The Shepherd provides us with seven practical insights to leading people well:

  1. Know Your People
  2. Discover If Your People Have The Skills, Heart, Attitude, Passion, and Experience To Do The Job Well
  3. Help Your People Identify With You Personally
  4. Make Your “Pasture” A Safe Place
  5. Move Your People In The Same Direction
  6. Be Able To Correct And Protect Your People
  7. Love Your People

Examining these seven principles up close has forced me to ask the question: “How do my people perceive my leadership?” If you interact in any leadership capacity with people, this book is for you. We’d all be a lot better for reading and applying the truths within.

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