The Resurrection in Your Life: How the living Christ changes your world

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Nothing — absolutely nothing — has more depth, more pushback, and more application than the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I remember sitting in Wheaton College New Testament Theology lectures where G.K. Beale became red in the face speaking of the Christ’s rising from the dead and the importance of that reality on our present day reality. Oh, that wonderful cross — Bids me come and die that I may truly live. And it is only through the lonely wooden cross and empty tomb that anything we preach has any merit, any authority at all (1 Corinthians 15:14). All that to say, I was extremely excited when I got wind that The Resurrection in Your Life by Mike McKinley was available.

resurrection-in-your-lifeChristians often spend time arguing that Jesus rose, but we forget to appreciate why it actually matters. In the follow-up to his brilliant book on the cross, Passion, US pastor and well-known author Mike McKinley considers the revolutionary consequences for each of us of Christ’s resurrection, ascension and the sending of his Spirit. Walk through Luke 24 and Acts 1-2 and discover how the reality that Jesus lives can and should change every aspect of our world. Whether you’re a new or a mature Christian, let the joy, peace, confidence and purpose of the resurrection flood into your everyday life.

The Resurrection in you Life is a follow-up from McKinley’s previous text, The Cross in you Life (Passion). In The Resurrection in your Life McKinley carries the story forward following the Gospel accounts and into the book of Acts. With heavy application and Biblical insight, McKinley walks through each major event that follows the crucifixion of Christ. If you imagine working through everything from the empty tomb to the fiery Holy Spirit’s descending on Christ’s followers, and doing so with an intentional eye that seeks to interpret and apply the facts, than you get a better understanding of how helpful this book can be. Particularly if you are working through this portion of Scripture, or simply want to learn more about Christ, the resurrection and what all that means for you and I centuries later … this book is a must have.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. He is Not Here
  3. Was it not Necessary?
  4. The Peace of Certainty
  5. The Parting
  6. Leaving to Return
  7. A New Witness
  8. Like Tongues of Fire
  9. The Clock is Ticking
  10. Because Death Could Not Hold Him
  11. Devoted

Enjoy the read!

For more on Beale’s view on the New Testament, I’d recommend his “magnum opus” text A New Testament Theology.

Featured image by Fady Habib.

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